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Hanna Liden’s Larger-Than-Life “Everything” Bagels

If you’ve found yourself in the Meatpacking District or Hudson River Park in New York lately, you may have come across some staggering, larger-than-life stacks of bagels. And while those trying to keep their summer beach bod intact may cower in fright from the innertube-sized carbs, fear not, they are a series of entirely inedible sculptures entitled “Everything” by artist Hanna Liden, produced by Art Production Fund and Kiehl’s. The seven bagel sculptures, to the artist, represent a mass produced object that is quintessentially New York. We talked to Liden about the project, on view through October 20.

WHITEWALL: What was the starting point for you for “Everything”? What made you hone in on the bagel?

HANNA LIDEN: The sculptures were based on a photograph called “Everything” from my show “I hope these ruin a perfectly bad day” at Maccarone gallery in 2014. It was a show of flower still lifes. I believe bagels are a fitting subject matter for the streets of NYC.

WW: How did the public setting of the project affect your approach?

HL: Primarily, I wanted to make something that the people of New York City can relate to directly regardless of who they are.

WW: Why did you leave Sweden for New York? You often took your photographs in Sweden. Do you see your native roots as having influence in this project for Art Production Fund?

HL: I left Sweden for London 18 years ago and then left London for New York 17 years ago. Everything is a project about New York City in New York City. Many people here come from other places. That’s kind of the beauty of it all. Lots of things divide us but more things unite us; such as limited space in Manhattan and terrorist attacks and politics and traffic and coffee and bagels.

WW: What’s your go-to bagel order? Favorite bagel spot?

HL: I don’t really have a go-to bagel order. I don’t eat bagels that frequently. My favorite bagel spot is my 24 hour deli 3 flights below.

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