Artwide International

Ali Güreli, Contemporary Istanbul's Founder and Chairman, and Jean-Michel Melemedjian de Rus , co-founder of Artwide.jpg
Courtesy of Artwide International.

Artwide International

Courtesy of Artwide International.

Carlo Ciussi

Carlo Ciussi, Senza titolo, 2005, 200x160 cm.
© A arte Invernizzi.
Photo by Bruno Bani, Milan.
Courtesy of Artwide International.

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Artwide International: A Secure Way to Build Your Collection

Artwide International is a members-only platform that offers confidential and secure access to the art market. By bridging the gap between collectors, financial institutions, galleries and dealers, museums and corporations, it is creating a reliable community for top buyers and sellers in today’s changing climate. “We act as the trusted partner between the parties,” said Jean-Marc Pasche, co-founder of Artwide.

Added Frederic Barban, CFO of Artwide, “We keep the buyer and seller confidential on each transaction.”

The art trading platform began in 2014 to better connect many of the art world’s top players. “We wanted to bridge this gap and enable people to conduct high-end deals between one another,” said Artwide’s CEO and co-founder, Jean-Michel Melemedjian de Rus. Today, Artwide has grown to include members in forty-one countries.

Membership to Artwide is application-based. “We are able to identify and select profiles based on strict criteria and referrals. As a result, only a small percentage of applicants are accepted on to the Artwide platform to sustain a standard of quality,” said Melemedjian de Rus.

After a potential member applies for access and is approved, the person, entity, or corporation is automatically assigned a trading account that can be one or multiple users—this is separated by different levels of access, controlled by Artwide. Once approved, members can submit artworks for sale or request artworks to purchase through their accounts privately. Artwide also offers its members services for art consulting, shipping and storage, art-related financing, insurance, inventory management, and a large access to independent experts from some of the world’s top private partners worldwide. Artwide’s assurance of anonymity has also helped to increase confidence in transactions like online sales.

“The idea is to create an exclusive community, offering a second-to-none experience with discretion at its forefront,” said Laurent Zmiro co-founder of Artwide.

Whereas most auctions sell works online in the $5-15,000 range, Artwide averages trades in the six–digit range. In advance of Art Basel this year, Melemedjian de Rus shared, “Art fairs are key to all players for three reasons: it gives us an idea of how people feel and think about the market, its trends, ups-and-downs on players; it’s a good way to meet with new and recurring clients; and it’s a great way to brainstorm new ideas with incoming players in the art market—from all facets.”



This article appears in Whitewaller Basel, out now. 



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