Cy Twombly

Acrylic, wax crayon, and cut and pasted paper on paper
48 1/8 × 38 3/4 inches
Photo by Rob McKeever
Courtesy of Gagosian and the Cy Twombly Foundation  

Cyprien Gaillard

Cyprien Gaillard

Nightlife (9 Film Stills)
3D motion picture, DCI DCP
14:56 min
Courtesy of Cyprien Gaillard, Sprüth Magers and Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels.

Isa Genzken

Installation view of "Isa Genzken: Sky Energy"
Courtesy of Isa Genzken and David Zwirner

Hugo McCloud, Dividing Lines, 2017

Hugo McCloud
Dividing Lines
Patina, oil stick, solder on solid bronze sheet, mounted on aluminum frame
77 x 84 inches
Courtesy of Hugo McCloud and Sean Kelly

Jean-Michel Othoniel

Installation view of "Jean-Michel Othoniel: Dark Matters" at Perrotin New York
Photo by Guillaume Ziccarelli
Courtesy of Jean-Michel and Perrotin New York

Sue Williams

Sue Williams
Black and White and Red All Over
Oil and acrylic on canvas
71 x 92 inches
Courtesy of Sue Williams, 303 Gallery and Skarstedt

Reka Nyari

Image courtesy of Reka Nyari and Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

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New York

Cy Twombly, Cyprien Gaillard, Hugo McCloud: Must See New York Shows

With Armory Week upon us, here are some not-to-miss exhibitions going on around New York outside the fairs. Below, you’ll find our selection of must-see shows.

Cy Twombly at Gagosian
March 8—April 28
Gagosian is presenting Cy Twombly’s career-spanning exhibition of his drawings and works on paper. Organized in collaboration with the Cy Twombly Foundation, the artist’s drawings articulate line, gesture, and rhythm. Marking what would have been Twombly’s 90th birthday, the exhibition also comes with the completion of the final volume of Cy Twombly: Catalogue Raisonné of Drawings.

Cyprien Gaillard at Gladstone Gallery
February 23—April 14
Gladstone Gallery is showing Cyprien Gaillard’s film: Nightlife. Made over the course of two years, the 3-D film captures night scenes across Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Berlin. Optically, audibly, and conceptually, the Nightlife interconnects four subjects: The Thinker installed at the Cleveland Museum of Art; non-indigenous plants across Los Angeles; the annual firework event at the Olympiastadion in Berlin; and the Jesse Owens Olympic oak tree at James Ford Rhodes High School in Cleveland. Starting Friday, March 9, the gallery will be open until midnight, the ultimate time for viewing Nightlife.

“Hugo McCloud: Metal Paintings” at Sean Kelly BK
March 9—11, 17—18
Sean Kelly is showing the works of Hugo McCloud at a space in Brooklyn during Armory Week. The industrial site acts as a platform for this new suite of paintings, utilizing materials and innovative techniques. Inspired by the rawness of his surroundings, McCloud tames his unconventional materials and creates pieces that are recognizably sophisticated and exuberant in their color.

“Isa Genzken: Sky Energy” at David Zwirner
February 22 – April 7
David Zwirner is presenting an exhibition of new and recent work by Isa Genzken. At once incisive and ecstatic, Genzken’s new work expands her long-running investigation into the intersection of the personal, the global, and the technological in contemporary society. Featuring a range of media, this presentation will showcase the radical diversity of the artist’s multifaceted practice.

Jean-Michel Othoniel at Perrotin
March 3—April 15
Perrotin New York presents “Dark Matters,” an exhibition by Jean-Michel Othoniel marking the opening of the gallery’s new space on Orchard Street. Exposing the properties of materials in a poetic way, Othoniel is a major player in the French and international art scenes. Known for his design, sculpture, installations, and performances, the artist comments on the modern world and demands a new perspective on beauty and aesthetics as well as the condition of existence. This exhibition brings the fragility and minimalism of his work to a new platform of materials, exposing the vast sadness of the world.

“Sue Williams: Paintings 1997-98” at Skarstedt
February 22—April 21
Skarstedt is showing “Sue Williams: Paintings 1997-98.” The collection of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas comments on the abstraction of human experience, emphasising sexuality, violence, and delight. Using abstraction as a tool of masking components, Williams’ early works draw attention to issues and fight against patriarchal notions of art making.

Reka Nyari at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery
March 1—April 15
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery’s “Valkyrie Ink” exhibition with large-scale photographs by Reka Nyari. Comprised of 13 works, the portraiture project explores intimate studies of self-identity and the empowerment of nude portraiture. Referencing the allegory “having a thick skin” the images investigate armoury and tattoos as a shield to our vulnerability. The emblematic suit of armour covers Nyari’s skin and represents acts of resistance and strength.





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