Reina Sofía

Via Reina Sofía Contemporary Art National Museum.

El Prado

Via Museo del Prado.

El Prado

Via Museo del Prado.

Reina Sofia
SZ Foundation

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Thyssen Museum

Via Thyssen Museum.

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El Prado, Reina Sofia, and More: Art from Home in Spain

The COVID-19 crisis has struck Spain hard, but this hasn’t stopped culture from being made accessible. One of the first spaces to react to the temporary closing of all state museums was the Museo del Prado. They immediately launched #ElPradoWithYou, offering virtual visits and to tools like a collection timeline and encyclopedia for historical context. In the past week, Miguel Falomir, director of the institution, gave a master class on the well-known Tintoretto´s “The Lavatory” on the museum’s Instagram account.

One of the most avant-garde institutions in Madrid, La Casa Encendida, has designed a cultural, social, and pedagogical program linked to its usual activities that can be enjoyed online and will be renewed daily. Under the hashtag #MeQuedoEnCasa, the program includes lectures on YouTube and Vimeo, virtual visits, a book club on Facebook, and Spotify music lists.

The Thyssen Museum now offers virtual visits to its permanent collection and exhibitions, as well as explanatory videos from a variety of curators. You can also listen to Spotify thematic lists created by the art gallery.

The Reina Sofía Contemporary Art National Museum has several documentaries for viewing, like one dedicated to Picasso’s Guernica, and more than 2,000 files on the work of the artist.

If you are interested in emerging artists, take a look at the video interviews SZ Foundation has online with their latest resident artists, such as Jong Oh or Regine Schumann.


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