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Lio Malca Opens “La Nave Salinas” in Ibiza with KAWS

In the 1990s, when the art scene was fresh to collector Lio Malca, he dove headfirst, quickly making ties to art big shots like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat by showing their art in his small, selective collection at a townhouse across from the Whitney Museum in New York. Ever since, he has become a presence in the industry as a trusted source for global galleries, auction houses, and estates to gain an honest opinion on the authenticity and value of Haring and Basquiat works.

He has also continued his collecting and curating initiatives, expanding to Tulum, where he owns private luxury hotel, Casa Malca—an intimate hotel that features artwork from his personal collection, including pieces by Marco Brambilla, George Condo, KAWS, Vik Muniz, Kenny Scharf, and Andy Warhol.

Earlier this month, on August 11, Malca debuted something special for those in Ibiza who like their art just a little left-of-center. In an 8,000 square foot exhibition space next to the Mediterranean Sea (and one that was once a salt warehouse), Malca opened “La Nave Salinas.” Showcasing works from his and his family’s collection, La Nave Salinas debuts six Untitled paintings from KAWS, and also, at the center of the exhibition, his infamous, twenty-three-foot-tall Clean Slate structure. With support from sponsors AirEuropa, Ibiza Love Water, and Moooi, the exhibition kick-off was a success.

“I have been visiting Ibiza, and from day one, wondered how could I give back to the island. After ten years I came across La Nave, and it was one of the answers—I felt it was the right time and space to make these pieces accessible to the public,” said Malca.

While celebrating with over 300 guests from around the world, Malca highlights their celebratory toast as one that honors not just the artwork, but Spain’s special island too. “My vision is to create an exhibition space that aims to not only be a celebration of the artwork it will showcase, but also to celebrate the island of Ibiza itself,” Malca added.


La Nave Salinas is open through October 2015.




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