Chie Fueki

Chie Fueki
Acrylic, ink and colored pencil on mulberry paper on wood
72 x 72 inches
Courtesy of DC Moore Gallery

Malick Sidibé

Malick Sidibé
Vintage gelatin silver print, glass, paint, cardboard, tape, and string
10 5/8 x 8 inches Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery


Installation view of "SEED" at Paul Kasmin Gallery
June 21 – August 10, 2018
Photo by Chris Stach

Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson
Untitled (Zadib, Sokoto, Tokolor, Samori, Veneto, Zanzibar, Dhaka, Macao)
Illuminated plastic globe, acrylic paint, tassels, steel armature, plaster figure, and powder coated aluminum plate
28 x 20 x 20 inches
© Fred Wilson
Courtesy of Pace Gallery

Jonathan Trayte

Jonathan Trayte
Fruiting Habits
Powder-coated steel, polymer plaster, pigments, crushed marble, light fitting, fabric
77.5 x 66.5 x 84 inches
Photography by Timothy Doyon
Courtesy of Friedman Benda and Jonathan Trayte

Swiss Institute

Smiljan Radic
My first tower
Plastic, metal
Installation view of "Readymades Belong to Everyone" on view at Swiss Institute
Photo by Daniel Perez
Courtesy of the artist

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New York

Malick Sidibé, Fred Wilson, Jonathan Trayte, and More Must-See Shows in New York

In between your summer vacation, and weekend trips to the beach, make sure to check out these shows in New York this summer.

Fred Wilson Installation view of "Fred Wilson: Afro Kismet" at Pace Gallery
July 10 – August 17, 2018
© Fred Wilson
Courtesy of Pace Gallery

Fred Wilson at Pace Gallery
Now—August 17
“Afro Kismet” features Fred Wilson’s most recent body of work, previously exhibited at the 15th Istanbul Biennial. The installation touches upon the often unspoken history of African people’s presence in Turkey. On view are chandeliers, black glass works, Iznik tile walls, and vitrines of cowrie shells, engravings, photographs, and furniture that challenge earlier scholarship around the Ottoman Empire.

Jonathan Trayte Jonathan Trayte
Installation view of "Fruiting Habits" at Friedman Benda
Photography by Daniel Kukla
Courtesy of Friedman Benda and Jonathan Trayte

Jonathan Trayte at Friedman Benda
Now—July 27
Jonathan Trayte’s first solo show in the US, “Fruiting Habits,” features the sculptor’s quirky creations, arranged in a landscape that is equal parts fantasy and oddity. The intentionally strange exhibition includes a series of furniture-like beds, lamps, and tables—each designed with an unexpected twist—staged to create a Dr. Seuss-like home space.

Duane Michals Duane Michals
Still from color film
3 minutes 58 seconds
Courtesy of DC Moore Gallery

“Zig Zag Zig” at DC Moore
Now—August 10
DC Moore’s group exhibition, “Zig Zag Zig,” is a showcase of paintings and videos that explore the happenings of daily life through the individual styles of each artist. Included in the exhibition are works by Chie Feuki, Joyce Kozloff, Doron Langberg, Alexi Worth, Didier William, Bridget Mullen, and Duane Michals—whose films Interruptus, Thrill, and Zip Zap Zip are on view for the first time.

Malick Sidibé Malick Sidibé
Mariage Sissoko
Vintage gelatin silver print, glass, paint, cardboard, tape, and string
7 7/8 x 10 5/8 inches framed
Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery

Malick Sidibé at Jack Shainman
Now—August 10
Malick Sidibé’s “LOVE POWER PEACE” is a collection of past and previously unseen of photographs that creates a visual narrative of 1960s Mali. Often photographing his subjects in the midst of ceremonial acts or in public spaces of the recently decolonized nation, Sidibé’s work mirrors the attitude of the Malian youth and their self-representation during the country’s time of change.

Summer Wheat Summer Wheat
Acrylic on aluminum mesh
68 x 96 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Andrew Edlin Gallery

“SEED” at Paul Kasmin Gallery
Now—August 10
Yvonne Force curated, “SEED,” an exploration of the complex relationship between sexuality and fertility, spirituality and mysticism, and the natural world. Playfully inspired by the expression “Oh my Goddess,” the exhibition includes work by 29 artists, featuring pieces like Loie Hollowell’s Beginning (inversed), Yoko Ono’s Door, and Lacey Dorn’s Blonde-Demand—a 360 degree “live Netflix” immersion, during which Dorn performs scenes from iconic blonde films in front of a green screen.

Swiss Institute Installation view of "Readymades Belong to Everyone" on view at Swiss Institute
Photo by Daniel Perez
Courtesy of the Drawing Matter Collections, the Estate of Martin Wong & P.P.O.W., and the artists

“Readymades Belong to Everyone” at the Swiss Institute
Now—August 19
“Readymades Belong to Everyone” is the inaugural exhibition at the Swiss Institute’s new location in the East Village. A group show featuring over 50 artists from 16 different countries, it is curated by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen, offering a modern understanding of the readymade, its course through history, and how it has been mutated and accelerated in environments of commerce and control. In addition to 17 new commissioned works, “Readymades Belong to Everyone” includes pieces like Aldo Rossi’s Prototype for a Cabina and Rem Koolhaas’s Field Trip.


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