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We Are FriendsWithYou, published by Rizzoli.

We Are FriendsWithYou, published by Rizzoli.

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We are FriendsWithYou Book Launch

Artists Samuel Borskon and Arturo Sandoval collaborated to create We are FriendsWithYou (published by Rizzoli) a new monograph featuring Pharrell Williams, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Peter Doroshenko. The book focuses on the minimalist pop art aesthetic of a circle of artists called FriendsWithYou who frequently collaborate with Williams. Williams has collaborated with FriendsWithYou in videos on his YouTube channel “I am OTHER,” including a short animated film “Cloudy.”

Says Williams in a conversation with Maxwell Williams, “I admire the fact that they really live their art. They really live their creativity. And that is why, of all the great things that they’ve already done, this is simply the genesis of a long-lasting, world-changing experience for the world. These guys are more than just paintings and sculptures, they are two really large proponents for experience, which is the ultimate wealth as a human being on this planet.”

We are FriendsWithYou will be launched on June 5 at a book signing from with the artists on June 5 from 6-8 at Paul Kasmin PK Shop.



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