Marc Dennis

“Revolution,” 2017.
Oil on linen, 56 x 76 inches.
Courtesy of Marc Dennis.

Marc Dennis

Courtesy of Marc Dennis.

Boesky West

Installation view of The Haas Brother’s Stonely Planet on view at Boesky West, 100 S Spring Street, Aspen, CO June 20 – August 25, 2018.
Courtesy of the artists, R & Company, New York and Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York and Aspen. © The Haas Brothers. Photo credit: Tony Prikryl.

element 47

Courtesy of element 47.

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Boesky West, White House Tavern, and The Caribou Club: Marc Dennis’ Aspen

Whitewaller Aspen 2018 is taking you to Colorado for the Aspen Art Museum‘s annual ArtCrush event, highlighting where to go to eat and drink at, see art, and relax. Below, we’re sharing a list of top places to see art, eat, drink, and relax at by artist Marc Dennis.


The go-to spaces for art viewing are Baldwin Gallery, Casterline Goodman, Gallery 212, Boesky West, and of course the Aspen Art Museum. With that said, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing art in the private collections in the homes of the residents of Aspen! Two collections in particular are John and Amy Phelan’s (an authentic killer collection built from their hearts), and the Magoons collection (and not to mention their sprawling grounds are also awesome and inspiring)!


J-Bar inside Hotel Jerome is the best place for a drink! I love a bourbon at the solid oak bar in the upscale saloon-style atmosphere. The entire ground floor comprises several areas to get comfy and chill with drink and food. It’s a spacious eclectic blend of old town meets new city vibe.

A wonderful casual place to enjoy really good well crafted beers (especially the blondes) and excellent tavern food is at Hops Culture. One beer in particular was the Xata Blonde, with a hint of vanilla bean and cinnamon or the 4 Noses Bareback Blonde—a crisp dry ale with a tiny albeit tart hint of raspberry!

White House Tavern is my go-to place for its cozy, packed atmosphere and delicious food (especially the Honor burger and fries with dipping sauces). Who doesn’t like dipping sauces?!

Casa Tua always serves very tasty and well-presented dishes, as well as Element 47—a restaurant inside The Little Nell, which has a fantastic lounge where one can enjoy a cocktail by a fire. Been there, done that, and will definitely do it again.

Justice Snow’s. Whoa. I had two orders of the twice-cooked wings (unreal!) and a drink that blew my mind called Isla De Cilantro. Sipping this drink is like the memory of that first kiss in front of a campfire! I’ll have another please.


I almost always stay at the Limelight Hotel. It has the friendliest staff and killer all-you-can-eat, all-inclusive breakfast buffet in Aspen!

Aspen is a pretty relaxing place. I also love the hype and overall luxurious atmosphere downtown, but it’s all chill. Depending on one’s definition of relaxation, there are benches throughout that one can just sit with a coffee and watch people. There are also grassy spots and a local park. And of course there is the quintessential activity of going on a hike! Just about everyone hikes in Aspen. Whether the actual hike is relaxing, you will definitely feel relaxed afterwards! Go easy, go hard. Just get back down.

For late night fun, Belly Up is the place. It’s loud, fun, and happy. Drink up. Dance up. Stay Up. If you’re into a more sophisticated evening (with dancing too) and you happen to be a member or know someone who is, one must check out The Caribou Club. It’s the place to be seen. Fancy dining. Fine bar. Sports coat and cocktail dresses required. Excellent food. Wonderful service. Terrific vibe. Managed and operated by some of Aspen’s finest.


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