Gabrielle, a Rebel at Heart by Chanel

Gabrielle, a Rebel at Heart.
Courtesy of Chanel.

Gabrielle Chanel: The Rebel at Heart

Inspired by Chanel’s founder, Gabrielle Chanel—known to most as Coco ChanelKarl Lagerfeld created a special bag dedicated to the brand’s founder for its new spring/summer 2017 collection.

To further pay homage to the rebellious female figure, the brand is releasing a four-part mini film series to be viewed on their website. This is the 18th installment of the brand’s “Inside Chanel” online series. Set to be released throughout the year, the series celebrates freedom, passion, allure, and rebellion—all legendary characteristics of the fashion trailblazer, and traits that the brand feel will inspire all women.

Chanel’s overall message is for women to listen to their own voices, stay true to themselves, desire the beauty that they choose, and to fulfill themselves. Women, it’s time to rejoice—and Chanel said so!


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