Kreëmart Presents MIMESIS by Daniel Lismore

Consumerism as a theme is something that has been explored by artists like Andy Warhol, depicting Coca-Cola bottles and Campbell’s soup cans. Recently, Kreëmart—the company we know and love for disrupting our sweet teeth and collaborating with artists in the medium of sugar—has been inspired by this theme, and opened its creative doors to U.K.-based creative Daniel Lismore. During Art Basel in Miami Beach, we saw the distribution of edible tongue tattoos with Lismore’s face on them, hand-stamped onto candy. This type of contextualization sparked the idea that a mass-produced item can quickly become a unique piece of art—and through a subversive, free way of distribution at that. Those lucky to walk away with this treat were not only spectators that sparked Lismore’s interest. Turned into participants, the few were asked “Would you like to taste me?” before they were able to see or document that tattoo, and just before becoming inevitable consumers. The social experiment is also accompanied by a video titled MIMESIS, which can be found on the brand’s website.










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