Sabino Pantone for Moncler Voices

Sabino Pantone for Moncler Voices, courtesy of Moncler.

Nick Dutton for Moncler Voices

Nick Dutton for Moncler Voices, courtesy of Moncler.

Francesco Ragazzi for Moncler Voices

Francesco Ragazzi for Moncler Voices, courtesy of Moncler.

Veronica Leoni for Moncler Voices

Veronica Leoni for Moncler Voices, courtesy of Moncler.

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Simone Rocha, Hiroshi Fujiwara, and Others Participate in “Moncler Voices”

Fashion house Moncler has launched a new digital campaign, “Moncler Voices,” conceived by Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini. In order to bring followers together through artistic connections, the campaign has invited a cast of creatives, artists, athletes, designers, and other personalities to offer a visual reply to the question, “What does Moncler mean to you?”

The Instagram initiative is due to last several weeks and highlights the house’s belief that embracing uniqueness comes with a need to invite outside voices in. The campaign will include regular installments of imagery by names like Robbie Spencer, Nigel Sylvester, Richard Quinn, Nick Dutton, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Veronica Leoni, Matthew Williams, Francesco Ragazzi, Simone Rocha, and many others.

Thus far, we’ve seen images like those by Sabino Pantone, whose creation took the form of a lift-off of love, picturing a bouquet of balloons carrying a heart-printed jacket into the sky; Robert Rabensteiner’s self-portraits encouraging his audience to listen to nature; and an image of Palm Angels founder Ragazzi, depicting himself and his brother as children, which puts a focus on the importance of loved ones.


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