Courtesy of Terrazza Duomo 21.

Courtesy of Terrazza Duomo 21.

Photo by Brambilla- Serrani.

Photo by Brambilla- Serrani.

© Brambilla Serrani

© Brambilla Serrani

Bar Luce

Bar Luce Designed by Wes Anderson Fondazione Prada Milano 2015 Photo Attilio Maranzano Courtesy Fondazione Prada

Courtesy of Drogherie Milanesi.

Courtesy of Drogherie Milanesi.

Courtesy of Dry.

Courtesy of Dry.

Courtesy of The Botanical Club.

Photo by Paolo Barbi, Courtesy of The Botanical Club.

Courtesy of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia.

Photo by F. Bolis, artwork by P. Ferrari. Courtesy of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia.

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Whitewaller Milan 2018: Where to Eat

Whether you’re looking for traditional Milanese food, something to satisfy your sweet tooth, or you’re in it for the ambiance, Milan has a restaurant for it. Here we’ve put together a list of Whitewaller‘s top places to dine and drink.

Terazza Duomo 21
A true dining destination just steps from Milan’s iconic church, Terrazza Duomo 21 is a premier venue for a one-of-a-kind experience. Offering everything from casual bites to fine dining fare, the stunning restaurant also welcomes guests to expansive multilevel spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Duomo Square. Known to host fashion shows, corporate events, concerts, and more, the space also shines as an intimate spot where guests can relax.

Whitewaller recommends: Choosing any of the delicious cocktails by Martini.

  • Explore the restaurant’s various lounge areas.
  • Book a meeting room equipped with monitors, sound systems, and projectors.
  • Spend some time on the spectacular open-air terrace.

Bar Luce Vigentino
Designed by the film director Wes Anderson, Bar Luce is a restaurant that evokes the atmosphere of a typical Milanese café. When designing it, Anderson wanted to have many places for eating, drinking, talking, and relaxing, while keeping some original architectural and decorative details.

Whitewaller recommends: Enjoying a panini.

Ratanà Centro Direzionale
Home to the Riccardo Catella Foundation, Ratanà was once part of a railway station. The restaurant, led by Chef Cesare Battisti, offers reinterpreted Milanese cuisine with creative twists. Its interior design, curated by RGA Studio, also creates an inviting environment for visitors to enjoy.

Whitewaller recommends: Savoring the Risotto Milanese All’antica.

Joia Porta Nuova
At Joia, the presentation is remarkable and precise. The establishment, under the direction of the acclaimed Swiss-born Michelin-starred Chef Pietro Leemann, offers a significant experience to enjoy and return for—from its interiors to its unique cuisine.

Whitewaller recommends: Ordering the famous risotto.

Enrico Bartolini Restaurant Porta Genova
In April 2016, the Michelin-starred Chef Enrico Bartolini opened his restaurant on the third floor of Museo delle Culture (Mudec). With attention to tradition, Bartolini pushes boundaries in the kitchen to heighten innovation, creativity, quality, and balance, while the space’s interior design is heavily influenced by his love for art and design.

Whitewaller recommends: Viewing works by artists from The Capelleschi Gallery on the walls.

Drogherie Milanesi Ticinese
Created by Seven Group, Drogherie Milanesi focuses on putting quality first. At the restaurant, service is impeccable and informal, while attention to detail effortlessly enhances both presentation and flavor. The restaurant also shines with eclectic flair, welcoming guests to sit at tables, in booths, at the bar, or at a long shared table in the center.

Whitewaller recommends: Sitting at the countertop bar.

Sant Ambroeus Quadrilatero della Moda
Since 1936, Sant Ambroeus has been Milan’s top sweet parlor. Located inside a building in Corso Matteotti, the bakery welcomes guests to sophistication and superb flavor through a combination of tradition and creativity.

Whitewaller recommends: Enjoying a selection of sweets.

Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia Primaticcio
An art world hotspot, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia is known for its rich gastronomy and creative expression. Unique and innovative, the restaurant shines for both its style of cuisine and its interior’s artistic and architectural design details.

Whitewaller recommends: Asking sommelier Alberto Piras for a recommendation.

Dry (Viale Vittorio Veneto 28) Porta Nuova
Pizza Chef Simone Lombardi leads Dry with research and experimentation, quality ingredients, and extreme attention to dough. Dry’s interior, curated by Vudafieri-Saverino, is a design and decor haven celebrated for its vintage elements, cocktail station, communal tables, and second-floor pizzeria.

Whitewaller recommends: Trying one of the flavored waters.

Langosteria Porta Genova
In 2007, Enrico Buonocore opened Langosteria. Ever since, it has garnered high praise for its ambitious and enthusiastic seafood dishes by Chef Denis Pedron. With small and large dining rooms, a private dining room, and a special Oyster Bar, the restaurant remains memorable for locals and visitors alike.

Whitewaller recommends: Sipping champagne at the Oyster Bar.

Cova San Babila
The historic patisserie owned by LVMH Europe, Cova, is celebrating its 200th anniversary. Complemented by an outside terrace, the establishment welcomes guests inside to explore a selection of products—such as small, handmade patisseries and traditional recipes.

Whitewaller recommends: Trying the panettone.

Giacomo Arengario Duomo
Known for its 20th-century design elements, indoor and outdoor spaces, and classic dishes and fresh seafood, Giacomo Argenario is a Milan favorite. Whether visiting the iconic building for shopping, spending a day at the museum, or coming specifically to dine, travelers love the remarkable view and decadent dishes.

Whitewaller recommends: Ordering from the special Novecento menu.

The Botanical Club Pastrango and Tortona
Less than three years old, The Botanical Club has two locations—one in Quartiere Isola and one in the Tortona District. The establishment’s fine dining presents small plates of contemporary cuisine, a raw bar, and an exquisite cocktail bar. The destination is also the first Italian small batch gin distillery, which overlooks the dining room.

Whitewaller recommends: Enjoying the homemade Spleen Et Ideal gin.


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