New Murano Gallery.

Courtesy of New Murano Gallery.

Courtesy of Chiarastella Cattana.

Courtesy of Chiarastella Cattana.

Courtesy of Cristina Linassi.

Courtesy of Cristina Linassi.


Courtesy of Attombri.


Courtesy of Ca'Macana.

Querini Stampalia Bookshop

Courtesy of Querini Stampalia Bookshop.

Officine 904.

Courtesy of Officine 904.


Courtesy of Venini.

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Whitewaller Venice 2019: Where to Shop

While in town for the Biennale Arte 2019, we’ve listed our top spots to shop at.

Officine 904. Courtesy of Officine 904.

OFFICINE904’s philosophy is “less is more,” but that doesn’t undermine the incredible craftsmanship behind the handbags they sell. Since 2010, this multidisciplinary studio has been bringing the art, fashion, design, and architecture worlds together to celebrate original handbag design and more, with a unique boutique concept.

Whitewaller recommends: The new KITO collection of kimono-inspired coats, which are handmade in Tuscany.

Querini Stampalia Bookshop Courtesy of Querini Stampalia Bookshop.

Designed by Mario Botta, Querini Stampalia Bookshop—known as Qshop—is a bookshop and goods store offering publications on contemporary art, design, photography, and especially, the exhibitions and collections at Fondazione Querini Stampalia. The store also sells photography, silverware, glassware, and other unique home items.

Whitewaller recommends: Being sure not to overlook the jewelry and silk scarves.

San Marco 801. Courtesy of San Marco 801.

San Marco 801 originated in 1972 and is located just a few steps from St. Mark’s Square. From Murano glass chandeliers to handmade papier-mâché commedia dell’arte masks, the store offers an array of special products that are perfect for gifts.

Whitewaller recommends: The handcrafted figurines.

Ca'Macana. Courtesy of Ca'Macana.

Founded in 1984 by Mario Belloni, this family-operated business is a mecca of handmade masks. With hundreds of different options for styles and molds, the store focuses on traditional Venetian, theater, and carnival masks for the traditional events.

Whitewaller recommends: Enrolling in one of the store’s decoration or mask- making workshops.

Le Forcole di Saverio Pastor. Courtesy of Le Forcole di Saverio Pastor.

Known for his standout fórcole (the oar posts used on gondolas and other Venetian boats), Saverio Pastor creates objects that are both functional and beautiful. Found between the Guggenheim Collection and the church of La Madonna della Salute, his workshop presents centuries-old techniques met with contemporary design by way of elbow-shaped carved forms from single pieces of wood.

Whitewaller recommends: Stopping by the shop to see Pastor craft his famous fórcole in person.

Caigo da Mar Courtesy of Caigo da Mar.

Recently relocated to the San Marco area, Caigo da Mar is a specialty store that offers luxurious and decorative home items. Objects from artists and artisans like Piero Fornasetti and Cire Trudon stand out among other furniture, jewelry, and home accessories.

Whitewaller recommends: The selection of scented candles and perfume.

Attombri Courtesy of Attombri.

Founded by brothers Stephano and Daniele Attombri in the 1980s, Attombri creates one-of-a- kind heirloom jewelry, specializing in pieces that pair metals like copper and silver with Murano glass beads. The workshop is best known for its innovation and use of traditional Venetian techniques incorporating elements of mythology, ethnic patterns, and avant-garde style.

Whitewaller recommends: Gifting yourself a wearable masterpiece like the Angelo necklace or Klimt bracelet.

Courtesy of Cristina Linassi. Courtesy of Cristina Linassi.

Owned by the Venetian stylist Cristina Linassi, the eponymous design studio is devoted to elegant women’s night lingerie and luxury home linens, situated in a charming atelier that invites guests with its subtle-yet-exquisite interiors.

Whitewaller recommends: The line of sophisticated nightdresses, inspired by the femininity of styles prominent in the 1950s and ’60s.

Courtesy of Monica Daniele. Courtesy of Monica Daniele.

Reminiscent of a shop from days gone by, Monica Daniele is an Italian fashion brand specializing in classic Venetian Tabarro, hats, and accessories. The boutique offers styles like the tabard cape and panama hat, using rich and precious materials like heavy wool, linen, and silk.

Whitewaller recommends: Trying on one of the 13th-century-inspired classic tabard capes.

Courtesy of Chiarastella Cattana. Courtesy of Chiarastella Cattana.

At home in a former 17th-century “scuola” near Palazzo Grassi, Chiarastella Cattana offers a collection of house-designed linens and fabrics, as well as curated and commissioned contemporary design accessories and clothing. The tranquil boutique also carries a line of signature textured fabrics, crafted entirely in Italy.

Whitewaller recommends: Shopping the clothing by Alfa Perro and Ants.

New Murano Gallery. Courtesy of New Murano Gallery.

Employing traditions and craftsmanship dating back to the 1200s, New Murano Gallery is an expansive glass factory located just off the coast of Venice on the island of Murano. Spread across over 8,000 square feet of space, the factory is home to beautiful outdoor spaces and a showroom filled with breathtaking glass creations by Murano glass masters like Pino Signoretto, Walter Furlan, and Donatella Bravin.

Whitewaller recommends: Attending a glassblowing demonstration.

Venini Courtesy of Venini.

Founded nearly a century ago, by Paolo Venini and Giacomo Cappellin, Venini is a workshop and gallery dedicated to traditional Venetian glassmaking. The workshop is best known for past collaborations with artists like Gio Ponti, Napoleone Martinuzzi, and Peter Marino.

Whitewaller recommends: Checking out the “Unity” collection by Marc Thorpe.


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